Considering the special needs of children with cancer, a separate unit - "C-Kids" was created to spread awareness and help children in fight against the cancer. C-Kids is the division for cancer afflicted children.

The Government of India has acknowledged and honoured the foundation by granting it an 80-G exemption, under sec 12A of the Income-tax Act.The funds collected are earmarked for charitable purposes of cancer treatment, research and education.

Facts & Figures

  • Every year 250,000 children are detected with cancer and 90,000 of them are likely to die
  • Globally, approx. 80% of total population of children with cancer live in developing countries
  • In developing and emerging countries, children are often not diagnosed, or too late, and lack access to information and life-saving cancer treatment
  • India accounts for 20% (i.e. approx. 50,000) of the new childhood cancer diagnosed worldwide every year

Treatment of childhood cancer includes

  • Diagnostic investigations - Blood tests, scans, biopsies
  • Treatment - Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiation Therapy
  • Supportive care - Blood transfusions, Antibiotics, Rehabilitation

Childhood cancer is curable if diagnosed and treated timely.The treatment of childhood cancer is a daunting and challenging task as not only is it prolonged but also emotionally draining.

Example : Cure rate of childhood leukemia (blood cancer) is about 70-80%, but treatment lasts for 2 years followed by life long monitoring for relapse , treatment and rehabilitation thereafter.

Your contribution can go a long way in helping a child fight for their life..!!!

“Courage, Confidence and Conviction with your active support, these are the qualities we hope to nurture in a child with cancer”